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Why Brazil?

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At Brazil Outsource, our programming skills and knowledge of the technologies involved are proven in the marketplace and stand on their own merits. That being said, we have several competitive advantages in terms of price, location and business model.

Our most obvious advantage is that while our company is based in Brazil, its registered as an LLC under Colorado, USA law. The company is founded by American expatriot Robert - see profiles for more info. Our goal is to make doing business with us as easy as doing business with any other USA based business.

Outsourcing is a business about saving money, and currency conversion as we see it is a fundamental part of outsourcing. A current chart listing the value of worlds currencies against the Brazil Real can be found Here.

Continuing on the saving money theme, we are located in Fortaleza, Brazil. In short, rates are lower in this part of Brazil then they are, for example, in São Paulo or Rio. Furthermore, we're confident that this region is one of the cheapest on earth to do software development. That doesn't mean lower quality. Company founder Robert is in his 12th year of professional software development and associates with world class developers as shown in profiles. We rigourously persue software quality via short release cycles and the best testing tools and quality assurance standards on the market.

You still may be wondering 'Why Brazil, and not India?' The fact is that many large international companies such as Deutsche Bank, General Motors, and software consulting giants like IBM and EDS, are experiencing tremendous successes here in Brazil. Furthermore, India and Brazil are just a few of the popular outsourcing choices among others such as China and Eastern Europe.

However, it is well known that India is a major outsourcing player, and our frank opinion is that India has invested tremendously in their IT industry and deserves much of the attention it is getting. So rather than denying the obvious, we tend to sell Brazil in terms of its two distinct advantages: Brazil's cultural and demographic similarity to western countries, and time zone.

In Brazil, our time zone puts Fortaleza, Brazil at GMT-3, or 1 hour later than Eastern Standard Time in the United States. Due to daylight savings time, from October until April the time difference is two hours. There is no daylight saving time in Fortaleza at the moment - when the USA 'falls back' in October, the difference goes from 1 to 2 hours. This is in stark contrast to New Dehli, India, which is from 9 1/2 hours to 10 1/2 hours later than New York. Please look for your city at the World Clock. A large time difference significantly effects communication, meetings and coordination. Brazil has a significant advantage in that it is only 1-to-3 hours later than if you we're doing business on the United States east coast (Sao Paulo and several parts of Brazil do have daylight saving time).

At Brazil Outsource we believe that when it comes to complex engineering such as software development, the closer two cultures are the greater the chances of success will be. Any way you slice it, outsourcing still requires meetings, coordination, requirements and project scope. Communication is important in any business, and culture matters. Besides the fact that our engineers at Brazil Outsource are American born or have lived in western countries abroad such as in Europe, Brazil's Demographics fact sheet shows a diverse country that has a closer resemblence to western countries.

Brazil Demographic Information

Capital: Brasilia
Area: 3,265,076 sq mi (larger than the continental U.S.)
Population: 182,032,604 (August 2000 census)
55% white
Life expectancy: 63.5 men; 69.1 women
Literacy: 86.4% (2003 est.)
Per capita income: $7,600 (2002 est.)
Economy: Coffee, refined metal ore, chemicals, cocoa, soybeans, sugar,
cotton, wood, automobiles and parts, shoes; world's
largest producer and exporter of coffee and orange juice,
second in soy beans
Religion: 76% Catholic
11% Protestant
13% other
Language: Portuguese

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