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Brazil Outsource Profiles

Chief Information Officer Robert Lazarski began studying electronics as a teenager, and around 1994 started programming professionally in the C language to test electronic devices. He started programming Java in 1999, but what really changed things for him was installing Linux in 1996. An American-born expatriate who has lived in Brazil since 2001, he left the United States to follow a Brazilian girl he met in Europe. He's currently single, and on his downtime he's often diving, kite surfing, and playing his collection of synthesizers. If you`d like you can look at his resume in English or in PortuguÍs

Eduardo Dias, Senior Web Designer for Brazil Outsource, brings with him presentation layer skills to complement the companies core server-side business. Diligent and result-oriented IT professional with 10+ years of experience of information technology field, excellent analytical skills, expert in software development and programming, excellent presentation and organization skills. Here's his resume in English.

Gustavo Morozowski, Senior Linux and Java Programmer for Brazil Outsource. Gustavo brings to Brazil Outsource his very good english skills and a masters degree to compliment his rich programming knowledge. Here's his resume in English.

Mark Oliver Schmitt, Linux, Java, PHP and Flex (among others) Programmer for Brazil Outsource. Mark is currently finishing his master degree in computer science in Germany, and has been working for Brazil Outsource for nearly three years. His English is excellent. He's been programming since he's been old enough to type, starting his first program 'War of the Worlds' when he was 8 years old. His enthusiasm, positive attitude, and youthful spirit has made him a welcome addition to every task he's been assigned to. Here's his resume in English.