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Our contributions are modest, but increasing.

Robert's powerpc assembly and C patches were accepted by the u-boot bootloader project for a custom freescale 8548 based board - code named Atum - which he coded while working for Instituto Atlantico in Fortaleza, Brazil. Its a Linux based router project that did their own motherboard design. Robert also brought up the linux kernel on the board as well, but Instituto Atlantico wasn't interested in paying for the time to get it accepted upstream, so it runs an out of tree kernel unfortunately.

Robert has been voted in as a commiter to the Apache Axis project. He contributed the Axis2 and Spring Framework integration code that makes them play nice together. He also ported the SOAP Monitor tool from Axis 1.x to Axis2, and wrote some docs in several areas.

Robert gave an Axis2 Web Services presentation to the Instituto Atlântico, in Português, that you can look at for yourself here.

Robert fixed a few bugs for the Protomatter Project, where you can see Robert Lazarski credited for a few fixes.

We participate in the mailing lists of the open source project Apache Axis, Brazil's Ceará Java Users Group (CEJUG), Java's multi-thread list concurrency-interest, the openmoko mailing list, comp.os.linux.misc, the Spring Framework forums and the Hibernate forums.