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About Brazil Outsource

Brazil Outsource LLC - After several years in São Paulo and now Located in Fortaleza - a city of over two million and a popular tourist destination in Brazil's beautiful northeast - we are proud to be a international consulting company. We are just as proud to be a Linux company specializing in Java. Company founder Robert Lazarski, an American born expatriate who left the states in 2001, installed Linux in 1996 because he needed something more from computers and has been having a lot of fun ever since.

Brazil Outsource's main competitive advantage is that while we live in and run the business from Brazil, the companies banks and legal representation are located in the United States. More about company founder Robert, and his friends and partners, can be found here in profiles. Everyone associated with Brazil Outsource speaks English natively, or speaks English outstandingly well. Information Techology is about people, and after participating in places like the Ceará Java Users Group we have been very impressed with the overall talent we have found in Brazil.

Among the services we offer are:

  • Java Programming - Anything from Swing to EJB
  • Hibernate Object-to-Relational database mapping
  • The Spring Framework - less lines of code, less bugs
  • Web Services - Axis 1.x and Axis2, also JWSDP from Sun
  • Web Services Security - XML Encryption, XML Signatures, JAAS etc
  • JBoss, JMX, EJB, Web Services etc
  • LDAP Administration, programming and Security
  • Asynchronous Messaging - JMS and a bit of MQ Series
  • C/C++ programming - still do it seemingly a couple months every year - lately with QT from Troll Tech
  • Linux Security - tripwire, snort, ethereal, iptables
  • Linux Administration and scripting
  • WebSphere Administration and development - we're certified
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, and some Oracle administration
  • XML and XSL
  • Pretty much anything that'll make us an honest buck.

E-mail us here.

The tools we use

Whenever possible, which is nearly always, we use open source tools.

We run SuSE Linux on our systems. In the past, we have also used Red Hat.

We do our Java programming using Eclipse. We prefer to do our builds with Ant and XDoclet

For an open source database we like PostgreSQL a lot. We also work alot with MySQL. We currently spend a lot of time supporting OpenLDAP deployments.

We mostly do our writing with Open Office. It runs on all of the popular systems like Mac, Windows and of course Linux. It reads and produces Office documents quite nicely.

For graphics work, we gravitate toward the GIMP, which also runs on Windows.

We use Mozilla Composer for HTML editing, and even VI for finishing touches.

In the rare case when Windows applications are absolutely necessary, we have had great luck running Lotus Notes, Sametime, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, IE, etc on our Linux Systems using Crossover. We impress a lot of our friends showing off Crossover.

Finally, we have one Windows box in the corner that we use as a step ladder for our book shelf. Its very stable. When we do turn it on, we use Linux as a firewall to protect it from viruses.